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We are a company dedicated to creating a new lifestyle for people who look forward to a natural and slow living. As a small business with good feedback from domestic market, we entered into international market at the beginning of 2020.

There are 3 collections of our products:

1. Featured Collection

This is a cottagecore/victorian/vintage inspired collection, designed and produced by TheCottagecore. Clothes are produced in small batches to avoid waste of resources. They are procuded by skilled workers in a small workshop in Jiaxing, China (80km from Shanghai). All products are ethically made. 

One Of The Featured Products


Our Workshop


2. Mori Girl Collection

Almost all products of this collection are made of high quality natural materials, such as cotton and linen. For this collection, we work with a few niche brands in China. Most of them have over 10 years' experience in cotton/linen production. Besides, with good partnership with them, we also work together to design and produce products.

One Of The Mori Girl Products


3. Fairycore Collection 

We partner with brands who share belief with us to develop special aesthetics of our own.

 One Of The Fairycore Products
In addition to clothes, accessories, jewelry and home decors are available to complete the product line. They are from a few artists/freelancers working with us. We help them promote their really good stuff.


The Cottagecore is on the way of developing more cottagecore clothes and being more size inclusive. We really hope everyone can achieve cottagecore dreams at their fingertips with us! : )

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