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Vintage Socks - The CottagecoreVintage Socks - The Cottagecore
Vintage Socks
Regular price$2.99
White Vintage Dress - The CottagecoreWhite Vintage Dress - The Cottagecore
White Vintage Dress
Regular price$39.99
Cottagecore Socks - The CottagecoreCottagecore Socks - The Cottagecore
Cottagecore Socks
Regular price$3.99$2.99
Lace Hair Bow Barrette - The CottagecoreLace Hair Bow Barrette - The Cottagecore
Lace Hair Bow Barrette
Regular price$5.59

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White Vintage Dress - The CottagecoreWhite Vintage Dress - The Cottagecore
White Vintage Dress
Regular price$39.99
Cottage Core Farmcore Overall Set - The CottagecoreCottage Core Farmcore Overall Set - The Cottagecore
Cottage Core Farmcore Overall Set
Regular price$54.99$35.99
Lightweighted Top - The CottagecoreLightweighted Top - The Cottagecore
Lightweighted Top
Regular price$35.99
Cottagecore Embroidered Overall Dress - The CottagecoreCottagecore Embroidered Overall Dress - The Cottagecore

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Loose Plaid Dress - The CottagecoreLoose Plaid Dress - The Cottagecore
Loose Plaid Dress
Regular price$39.99
Forest Picnic Cottagecore Dress - The CottagecoreForest Picnic Cottagecore Dress - The Cottagecore
Forest Picnic Cottagecore Dress
Regular price$38.99
Country Core Plaid Dress - The CottagecoreCountry Core Plaid Dress - The Cottagecore
Country Core Plaid Dress
Regular price$39.99
Green Embroidered Button Up Dress - The CottagecoreGreen Embroidered Button Up Dress - The Cottagecore

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Puffy Sleeve Lace Top - The CottagecorePuffy Sleeve Lace Top - The Cottagecore
Puffy Sleeve Lace Top
Regular price$38.99$34.99
Fairy Girly Tops - The CottagecoreFairy Girly Tops - The Cottagecore
Fairy Girly Tops
Regular price$22.79
Fairy Ruffled Dress - The CottagecoreFairy Ruffled Dress - The Cottagecore
Fairy Ruffled Dress
Regular price$42.99
Fairycore Top - The CottagecoreFairycore Top - The Cottagecore
Fairycore Top
Regular price$23.99

Handmade Jewelry

Vintage Embroidered Choker - The CottagecoreVintage Embroidered Choker - The Cottagecore
Vintage Embroidered Choker
Regular price$2.99
Cottagecore Embroidered Choker - The CottagecoreCottagecore Embroidered Choker - The Cottagecore
Cottagecore Embroidered Choker
Regular price$2.99
Witch Frog Rings - The CottagecoreWitch Frog Rings - The Cottagecore
Witch Frog Rings
Regular price$19.99$17.99
Flower Embroidery Choker - The CottagecoreFlower Embroidery Choker - The Cottagecore
Flower Embroidery Choker
Regular price$2.99

Home & Decor

Classic Tablecloth
Regular price$39.99$19.99
Lace Tablecloth Lace Picnic Rug
Regular price$39.99$4.99
Ruffled Cotton Tablecloth
Regular price$39.99$10.99

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